The history of F&F Ltd. started in 1991. Over the past 27 years, our family-run and 100% Hungarian-owned company profile has been continuously expanding over the years. According to our philosophy, the key to success is continuous improvement. But it also ensures that the quality of finished products meets the requirements of the market and customers.

As a manufacturer, F&F is proud to offer high quality goods to its customers. Because of flexibility in manufacturing and purchasing we are able to serve the demands of present and future partners; both domestically and internationally markets.

"Our business shows us as a mirror who we are, what we know, what we can do."

The main profile of the company is our quality products, which manufactured and marketed by us: lollipop, salty sticks and dextrose tablet.

For 10 years we have been dealing with food labeling and designing of packaging materials, in which we try to coordinate marketing- and quality interests.

Our company operates a food safety system, so we consider it a daily task to achieve these goals.

Our goal is to satisfy customer needs in maximum level and to establish long-term business relationships.

Original handmade lollipop according to your ideas!